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Bolde - 250 Genesis Boldenone Undecylenate, 2500 mg / 10 ml

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    Boldenone is a steroid that has an anabolic activity. The use of boldenone allows the body to increase protein synthesis and also stimulates appetite. As a result it allows the person who consumes it to build up a muscle mass at a faster rate than he could without any additional help. The main benefits fo using this steroid is that it has fairly mild side-effects, unlike other steroids that achieve the same amount of gain but cause severe side-effects in the body.

    Health Maintenance With Boldenone

    Boldenone is usually the preference for athletes and body builders who aim to improve their muscle mass and increase their endurance ability. The suggested dosages are to be continued for as long as 12 weeks without any harmful effects on the body. The quality of muscle mass that is gained by the use of this steroid is considered to be good quality, as it improves blood circulation and increases your capacity to train.

    Side Effects

    The known side-effects are that it can cause ace, hair growth, hoarseness and deepening of voice and sometimes hair loss. These are all less significant when compared to the side-effects that other steroids of the form produce. This steroid causes a considerable boost in appetite, and thus promotes more intake of valuable protein that will increase the muscle mass that is obtained. There are several individuals, both men and women, who desire to don a beautiful body that is good in shape and weight too. However, in order to achieve this, one tends to opt for crash diets, irregular eating habits, less of sleep, more of exercises and so on and so forth. This automatically leads to stressing the body to a great extent. This is where one needs to understand that there could be an alarm raised to maintain one’s health.

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